Rewards Policy.

Rewards are referred to as "Member Perks" or "Loyalty Program"
Rewards are awarded for completing actions which will be detailed below or can be checked using the Rewards button on the bottom left of the website.

The rewards program consists of points known as "Nerd Points"
Nerd Points are a way of earning discounts for being a member of
Registration is required to be able to earn and use "Nerd Points"

Ways to Earn.
Upon registration on, a Registration Bonus of 2000 Nerd Points are awarded.

If a Birthday is added to your account, 5,000 Nerd Points will be gifted on your Birthday.
Note: Customers must enter their birthday at least 30 days in advance to receive birthday points.

For every purchase made, 3 Nerd Points are awared per Rs.1/- spent.*


Redeeming Nerd Points.
Nerd Points are converted into discount codes once you have earned enough points.
You will automatically receive the discount code via e-mail upon gathering the required Nerd Points.
The discounts are as follows.
Rs.400 discount on collecting 40,000 Nerd Points.
Rs.800 discount on collecting 80,000 Nerd Points.
Rs.1000 discount on collecting  1,00,000 Nerd Points.

You can avail Nerd Points for redemption against discounts if and only if you have registered with us PRIOR to placing an order.

No nerd points will be adjusted to your account if you check out as a guest, for your first purchase and create an account later.

Conditions for Redeeming.
Conditions as mentioned below are applicable upon redemption of Referral and Nerd Points discounts.
1. Minimum Purchase amount:
A minimum purchase is required for the referral and Nerd Points' discounts to be usable.

Nerd Points Rs.400 discount - Minimum Purchase amount: Rs.3000
Nerd Points Rs.800 discount - Minimum Purchase amount: Rs.5000
Nerd Points Rs.1000 discount - Minimum Purchase amount: Rs.6000

2. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
Creating multiple accounts to earn the referral discount or earn the bonuses given are disallowed.

3. Availing discounts for friends is not allowed.
In cases where you and a friend both have accounts on our websites, usage of your own Nerd Points to avail discount for your friend(who doesn't have enough Nerd Points or has used them up) is disallowed.
Usage of Nerd Points for sending gifts to friends who are not registerd or have an account on is allowed.

4. As per our Shipping policy, any shipment refused/returned for which we incur any charges, the same amount will be deducted from the Rewards points. 
If there aren't enough points avaialble, the points will be in negative.

IF any Conditions that are mentioned above are broken or an attempt is made to earn more Referrals/Points for yourself, it will be considered a misuse of the "Member Perks" or "Loyalty Program".
In such cases the Nerd Points earned on your account will be reset to '0' and the new account made will be disabled.
Your accounts will henceforth be excluded from the Rewards program and you will not be allowed to earn or redeem any Nerd Points.
None of the discounts earned in such cases will be applicable.
No Warning will be issued in such cases.
You will be informed if you have violated the conditions.
Any excuse or request to reconsider and allow the discounts earned by violating the conditions will not be accepted.

*NOTE: GST(Tax value) is not included in the points.

Nerd Arena reserves the right to modify, add or delete from the policy without any prior intimation.