7 YEARS Discount

Celebrating 7 Years Discount Policy.

1.) For 15th August, our 7 year Anniversary, NERD ARENA will be offering a 15% discount to all customers for placing an order on the website.

2.) This discount is to Celebrate and thank our patrons and fans who have been with us through everything.

3.) Minimum purchase required is of Rs.1500/- to avail this discount.

4.) This is a one time discount only and cannot be clubbed with any other discounts.

5.) Customers who already have accounts and try to purchase by creating a new account to avail of this offer shall not be allowed and the order shall be cancelled immediately unless the customer is willing to pay the difference amount received as a discount.

7.) If a customer creates a new account, places an order, requests cancellation and creates another account to place an order with the discount coupon, the customer is liable to pay the difference discount amount as the customer already has an account and placed an order. In such events the Loyalty Points(Nerd Points) will also be reset to zero on both accounts.

8.) Using a friends details to avail of this discount shall not be allowed and the order will be cancelled.

9.) Being an existing customer, having a friend or family order on your behalf to avail of this discount is not allowed and the order shall be cancelled without prior intimation.

10.) Using a duifferent number or E-mail ID to avail this discount twice, will result in immediate cancellation of your order.

11.) Any such misuse as mentioned above found will also result in your Loyalty Points(Nerd Points) to be reduced to zero on any and all accounts.

12.) NERD ARENA reserves the right to add, modify and remove any of the conditions or to stop the discount without prior notice.